Thinking of Selling?

Selling real estate in CalgaryThis section gives you some insights into the many factors that affect a selling decision, including economics, interest rates and supply and demand. You will also find information on determining the best price, selling a home yourself and avoiding common seller errors.

When is the best time to sell your home?
• Many items like economics, market conditions, interest rates and your financial situation influence the sale of a home.

Costs associated with selling
• Your home is not yours until financial obligations such as disbursements, fees, legal costs and commissions are paid.

How to sell your home fast for the top dollar
•Selling your home affects your financial future. This report provides valuable information that can help you efficiently sell your home and maximize your investment.

So you want to sell your home yourself?
• While it looks easy, selling a home is a complicated and time-consuming process. The truth is - when you partner with our team of Real Estate Professionals, your home will be priced appropriately and placed before the most buyers - so your home sells fast and for top dollar!

Selling yourself? Why you need a techno-savvy Real Estate Professional more than ever
• The Internet has changed most everything - including real estate. But it is not always for the better. You could lose money trying to sell your home yourself on the Internet.

The right price affects your bottom line
• Your home could be priced too low or too high. Either way, you lose. Here are some suggestions on setting the right price taking into careful considering the local activity and market trends, the condition of your home and time on the market.

What is fair market value?
• In real estate, market value is defined as "the price at which a particular house, in its current condition, will sell within 30 to 90 days." This report explains how Real Estate Professionals consider these three items when marketing a home.

How to make the most of your move up
•Financing, coordinating closings and shopping for a new home are just some of the considerations when you are moving up to another home. Here are some tips to make your move as hassle-free as possible.

How to keep your head during a divorce
• This report explains the financial, emotional and legal aspects of your four options concerning "the house."

9 biggest relocation mistakes and how to avoid them
• Insufficient information, closings that do not coordinate and inadequate preparation are some of the common mistakes that people make when relocating. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid them.