Viewing Homes

The Corley Team; Real Estate experts in Calgary, help you maximize your home viewing experience with these tips.This section gives you some advice on making the most of your viewing experience. When you separate emotion from facts, and the condition of the house, you will be in a better position to purchase a home that meets both your needs, and your budget. You can avoid any costly errors that could lead to future problems.

How to avoid the most common buyer errors
• Buying without pre-approval, not having a home inspected, not being clear about what you want, unclear title and rushing the closing are just some of the ways buyers can lose money. Here are some suggestions for avoiding these costly and time consuming errors.

Take off the rose colored glasses and save $$$
• Here is how to avoid the mistakes that some buyers make. When you think about needs and wants, relative to price, your dream home does not have to be a costly investment.

What is fair market value?
• This article explains how specific house, present condition and reasonable selling time, are the factors that influence market value.

How not to pay too much for your next home
• Here are some suggestions for keeping your head during the buying process. Buying solely on emotion could be costly down the road.