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My name is Maria Corley and I am a long term REALTOR® with Real Estate Professionals Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.

I became licensed as a REALTOR® in January, 1991 and spent the years up to January, 2002 with RE/MAX Real Estate (Mountain View) Ltd. and the years since then with Real Estate Professionals Inc., a company formed by my husband, Ken Lamb, also a REALTOR® and a broker, and I on January 24, 2002.

Maria Corley
Maria Corley REALTOR®

Real estate and my clients have been good to me over the years with almost 2000 homes purchased or sold with me and about 85% of my business is now from repeat business from clients and their referrals to new business. I LOVE this business and am thrilled to hear from each person to help them with their real estate needs. So gratifying to help someone sell their existing home and/or to find their first or next home. My clients have been so good to me that I have received one of the top three production awards in both brokerages each year from 1994 to date—thank you dear people! I could not achieve this without you!

A little bit about me: My parents came to Canada from Holland in 1951 and I am the eldest of ten children who grew up on a cattle/grain farm in east central Alberta, Castor, which is 150 kms east of Red Deer. One thing about being one of many children of immigrant parents is you learn to work and produce and get along with each other and eat whatever is put in front of you because if you don’t like it there are plenty of others who will be just fine with it. Actually I think it is a gift to have grown up on a farm and I look back on my upbringing with great fondness and gratitude and admire my parents, who are both still alive and living in their own home, for being the example of hardworking, down to earth, good valued people. My first, slightly paying (85 cents per hour) job was as a 14 year old, working in housekeeping and laundry at the Castor Hospital during the summers. Of course I still had my share of garden work and housework to do and painting all those white fences around the farm, while listening to a transistor radio that I bought myself. I did well in school and very much enjoyed my involvement with 4-H, curling, volleyball, basketball and skiing on the hill in Alliance. When I was 16 years old my parents let me take their red Chrysler and a bunch of kids to the volleyball tournament in Provost and between games we loaded up the car and drove over the border into Saskatchewan which was the first time out of Alberta for most of us. Humble beginnings indeed! Once I graduated from grade 12 I went to Europe with my parents and a sister where my father was choosing Charolais calves he wanted to import to Canada from France to build up his import herd. I went to University of Alberta where I took science, married a fellow who was taking Medicine and then we moved to Calgary where I worked with Dome Petroleum. My husband at that time was always interested in practising in a small town so we moved to Sundre where I worked as the medical clinic manager. My two children, Tessa and Bryson, were born in Sundre. In 1989 my children and I moved to Calgary and I met a wonderful guy, Ken Lamb, who was a REALTOR® with RE/MAX Mountain View and had six children, all basically grown up. I worked as an assistant to Ken for a very short time but he inspired me to become a REALTOR® and provide my family with a better life. I became licensed in 1991 and have really enjoyed this business and still do! You have to love it to spend time away from your family in the evenings and weekends. If you like houses and enjoy people this is a great business. But you do need to be a self-starter and organized and know how to get your business. I have had a number of clients over the years who also became REALTORS® when they saw how much fun I was having!

In 2002 my husband Ken Lamb and I opened our own brokerage, Real Estate Professionals Inc. Over the years since then our brokerage has grown to over 200 REALTORS® in two offices, head office in Varsity and branch office near Chinook Centre. Ken works as the broker which he does a fabulous job of and I do what I love most, working as a realtor. I am very pleased that my daughter, Tessa Corley-Rae, is also a fabulous REALTOR® and we work together and complement each other with our strengths and collaborations.

Education is very important to me and we have gone to many conventions and courses throughout Canada and the United States to learn the latest methods of doing real estate. I also am a Certified Condominium Specialist, Accredited Seller’s Representative Specialist, Accredited Buyer’s Representative and Seniors Real Estate Specialist, all to better serve my present clients and future clients.

The best and most important part of life for most of us is our family and that is certainly true for me. My two wonderful children, Tessa and Bryson, are both married with two children each, and live in Calgary and Airdrie, respectively. I am extremely lucky to have them so close that I can frequently see them and the grandchildren. Week end dinners, camping during the summer and vacationing together are highlights for me. Another highlight for me is the annual camping family reunions we have at a lake, often Sylvan Lake, and you can imagine the beehive of activity with the 25 grandchildren my parents have, most of whom are adults now, and all of the spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends and the great grandchildren – such fun!

Other interests I have are travelling the world over – North America (I have visited every province in Canada and every state in the United States, plus many parts of Mexico and Central America), South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Beyond the travelling I enjoy camping throughout western Canada and United States, boating, hiking, biking, fitness and health, entertaining, reading, spending time in Phoenix, and watching Netflix.

I feel I am an easy person to work with – some of my qualities are easy going and friendly manner, trustworthy and reliable, always on time, timely communicator, care and attentiveness towards clients’ needs and goals, great product and market knowledge and I love statistics to support where a home stands in the current market.

I would LOVE to work with you – please get in touch with me today!

Text Me: 403.461.4149

"The best and most important part of life for most of us is our family"
"some of my qualities are easy going and friendly manner"
"In 2002 my husband Ken Lamb and I opened our own brokerage, Real Estate Professionals Inc."

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